Dr. Mohammad Sartawi, Jordan, GBR

International SGS Dental Congress 2023, Dubai UAE

About Dr. Mohammad Sartawi

‪President, Higher Education Committee Jordanian Board, (2014 – 2018, 2018 – 2023) JMC.

President, Curriculum and Training Committee, Arab Board of Health Specialization. AB.

Past President, The Jordanian Society of OMF Surgeons, (2014 – 2016, 2016 – 2018) JDA.

Past Vice President, National Continued Medical Education Committee, JMC.

Past Member of The OMFS Board Exams Scientific Committee, JMC.

Past President of the Jordanian Dental Association Scientific Committee, (2002 – 2004, 2011 – 2013) JDA.

Visiting Clinical Professor & External Examiner, to Several Arab and International   Universities.

Owner and Director, Jordan British Specialty Centre for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.

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