SBTC – Smart Bioactive Trabecular Coating


SGS Dental is the only dental implant system in the world with unique SBTC coating.

SBTC is the worldwide known surface with outstanding performances in dental implantation practice.

SGS Dental excellent performance formula is simple:
unique implant design + superior coating.

Advantages of the SBTC coating

+ Faster and better healing

+ Complex surface design with significant surface enlargement

+ High hydrophilic reaction with blood

+ Increased primary stability with reduced healing time

+ Active support of bone attachment

+ Higher application security

+ Possible diversification of indications (early loading/immediately loading)

+ Higher osteoconductivity of the surface

+ Outstanding biocompatibility

+ Thin coating

+ Microcrystalline structure, large open surface

+ High solubility and controlled resorption area

+ Complete coverage of porous surfaces and complex implant geometries

+ Microporosity with high capillary effect on body fluids


Head of the R&D: Prof. Noam Eliaz